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You Can Quickly And Easily Boost Your
Page Rank
With Natural Links To
Your Web Site Without Costly
Search Engine Optimization

Boost Your Rankings In The Search Engines Naturally And
Increase Your Website Traffic With Our PRLinks Service 

Get High Quality PageRank Links Fast!

PageRank is a way of measuring the importance of a web site. PageRank in itself does not determine placement in the Search Engines, but is does effect overall Popularity and Traffic to a web site. The more incoming links to your web site the higher the PageRank, the more the Traffic.

But Not All Links Are Equal

An incoming link is a vote for your site. The more links the more votes you have and the more popular your site is. A link from a High PageRank site will carry more "Weight" and therefore "Count" more than a link from a low PageRank site. A link from a PR-3 or a PR-4 site is worth more than 50 links from sites with PR-0.

You Have 2 Ways To Get High Quality PRLinks

ONE is the Slow Way, to acquire links the Old Fashion way, by contacting other webmasters and asking them to link to you, and to Submit your site to Link Directories, Search Engines, Link Exchanges, and Reciprocal Link Sites. You can also submit Articles and make comments on related Forums or Blogs. These are all good methods but they can take a long time to see any results. Now we do recommend that you use these Linking Strategies.

TWO is the Fast Way, to use our PRLinks Service. We provide you with High Quality PRLinks from PR-3, PR-4, and PR-5 sites. We guarantee to have your site linked and indexed in Google in 72 hours or less or Your Money Back!


3-Great PRLinks SEO Packages
Get Great One Way PRLinks To Your Web Site For One Low Price

Power Pac

3 PR-3 Links
3 PR-4 Links
3 PR-5 Links
1 .EDU Link
$ 39.95

Business Pro
Power Pac

6 PR-3 Links
6 PR-4 Links
6 PR-5 Links
6 PR-6 Links
1 .EDU Links
$ 79.95

Executive Pro
Power Pac

12 PR-3 Links
12 PR-4 Links
12 PR-5 Links
12 PR-6 Links
2 .EDU Links
$ 149.95

Total Web Domination Power Pac

Now, Dominate the Competition with our: Total Web Domination Package.
Guaranteed to push your Web Site Search Engine Rankings to the Top and Dominate for any Keyword!

24 PR-3 Links
24 PR-4 Links
24 PR-5 Links
24 PR-6 Links
8 .EDU Links

$ 199.95


Introducing The SEOLink Network

To find out more information visit our Flagship Site SEOLink Network

The SEOLink Network was Designed and Created by the V-Media Marketing staff.

The SEOLink Service is a benefit for all
IMTrain Members, and is included as a
part of your monthly IMTrain subscription.

To Your Online Success! - Steve Renner

The name PageRank is a trademark of Google. The PageRank process has been patented
(U.S. Patent 6,285,999). The patent is not assigned to Google but to Stanford University.
V-Media Marketing is not affiliated with in anyway with Google or Stanford University

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